December 19, 2013

Sometimes it seems right... donate to a cause that really only one person -- and in some cases one dog -- will profit from.

11-year old guide dog Orlando saved the life of his owner, who had fallen on the subway tracks in NYC. Orlando will soon be too old to work, but his owner's insurance plan would not cover the expenses to keep him as a non-working dog, so he would have to be re-homed. Enter the Internet. Through crowdfunding, over $50000 were raised to enable Orlando's owner to keep his dog. (He will also get a new guide dog once Orlando retires.)

Read the whole story here.

Happy holidays!

December 02, 2013

The Dictionary of American Regional English went online today!

Go and visit! Or don't you want to know where people can have the mulligrubs?

A condition of despondency or ill temper; a vague or imaginary unwellness.scattered, but esp SouthSee Map