May 02, 2013

One mouse, two meeces

Quickly, what's the plural of "mouse", you know, the one you use with a computer? Is it "mice"? "Mouses"? I just came across another possibility: "meeces" (seen in a review of a Timbuk2 laptop backpack).
Alas, the review also uses the verb "lay" intransitively ("things kinda ...lay on the side"), where "lie" would be appropriate. So here's the deal: "lie" is an intransitive verb, one lies down, one lies in a bed, one may lie on one's stomach. The past tense of this verb is "lay" -- one lay down, one lay in a bed, one lay on one's stomach.  "Lay," on the other hand, is a transitive verb, i.e. it is followed by a direct object. One might lay a book on the table, lay one's heart open, lay the book down. The past tense of this verb is "laid" -- I laid the book on the table, laid my heart open, laid the book down.

As Urban Dictionary informs, the word is may be taken from the song "Scrooge" in "The Muppet Christmas Carol" ("No cheeses for us meeces.")