December 25, 2012

WOTY season

And it's Words of the Year season again.

Grant Barrett offers, among others,

DOGA Yoga with a dog. DOX To find and release all available information about a person or organization, usually for the purpose of exposing their identities or secrets. “Dox” is a longstanding shortening of “documents” or “to document,” especially in technology industries. In 2012, the high-profile Reddit user Violentacrez was doxed by Adrian Chen at Gawker to expose questionable behavior.EASTWOODING Talking to an empty chair as if President Obama were sitting in it, as Clint Eastwood did at the 2012 Republican National Convention.FISCAL CLIFF The tax increases and spending cuts that will take effect Jan. 1 if Congress does not pass legislation to block them. One worry is that a plunge would stall or reverse the nation’s climb out of the recession.

A mix of zeigeist (doga), politics (dox), economics (fiscal cliff), and references to the presidential campaigns (eastwooding, see als "binders full of women" and "legitimate rape"). Of these, I find "dox" most useful (not least because it's a verb), but it makes me think of dachshunds ("doxies"). Perhaps I'm underestimating the demand for doga classes, but I can't see that word succeed. "Eastwooding" is just ridiculous as a word, it's really only a reminder of a singular event. "Fiscal cliff," on the other hand, is an expression that we will hear used often and it does characterize the year in some way, plus it's a metaphor, but it would be an uninspired choice.

"Wrapped with a Bo"

Merry Christmas. And may the next year bring better puns (not like this one).

December 04, 2012

Seamus lives on

Gail Collins on the outcome of the election. This might be the last time she refers Seamusgate:

We have been through a lot, people. But now the presidential race is settled. Barack Obama won. People on both sides worked heroically, and, on Tuesday, their candidates behaved well. This should be a happy time. ...If all else fails, strap John Boehner to the roof of a car.