August 11, 2012

Of fish and men

What's this about the GOP candidates and their bragging about handling animals? First, there's Mitt Romney, whose "dog incident," in which he documented "emotion-free crisis management," is document all across the Internet, including this blog. Now, there's Paul Ryan, the catfish noodler.*
“They come up on your hand, and you just squeeze wherever you are in that fish and pull it out,” he [= Paul Ryan] said with a shrug, bragging about the 40-pounder he landed two seasons ago. “I know it sounds a little crazy, but it’s really exhilarating.”
With so much manliness in front of oneself, one might take solace in the fact that at one point it was part of Ryan's employment responsibilities at Oscar Mayer to drive the Wienermobile (even if he, according to the NYT, denies it). I doubt that anyone ever strapped a dog crate to its roof.

*Wikipedia notes that noodling ("fishing for catfish with bare hands") is illegal in a number of states, including Wisconsin, Ryan's home state.