December 25, 2011

Happy holidays with the first dog

People Magazine has put together a holiday-themed slideshow featuring Bo Obama. Here's a rendition of the first dog made of marshmallows and licorice:

Happy holidays!

A note on the White House holiday card: 
It's an image of Bo the first dog lying in front of a fireplace decorated with garland and a few presents and a poinsettia sitting on a table. Inside, it reads, "From our family to yours, may your holidays shine with the light of the season." To our eyes, it's pretty innocuous stuff. To Fox News and other conservative pundits, it's another front in the alleged "war on Christmas." The news channel made a ruckus this week about the card not being Christmas-y enough. But [...] the card follows a template used by most of the president's predecessors in office. George W. Bush's 2005 card featured snowy White House exterior -- with both of the Bush family's dogs in the foreground -- and the message "With best wishes for a holiday season of hope and happiness." (All of Bush's cards, however, did feature an insert with a Bible verse.) Cards from the Reagan and Clinton eras featured similar artwork. We get that the week before Christmas is usually a little slow for news. But this feels like much ado about nothing.

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