June 01, 2011

What's wrong..

...with the police kicking of an apartment after they smell marijuana drifting from it, if they knock hard, announce whom they are and then hear what sounds like evidence being destroyed?
Apart from the legal consequences, quite simply the "M" is wrong. I'm not sure how this could have escaped the Times's copy editors, it almost looks like a case of hypercorrection ("after a verb the pronoun form should be 'whom', not 'who'"). The rule is that the pronoun can (but by no means must) be whom if the pronoun is in the position of an object.  In this case, whom is located in the position of the subject in the embedded object clause after announce, hence only the subject form, who, is correct.

It seems that someone figured this out after May 24. If you look up the editorial today, you will see that the error has been corrected.

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