June 18, 2011

Down there

So men sweat. In the groin area, too. You know, down there, "south-of-border" (Patricia Finn from the cosmetics company Jack Black), resulting in "batwings" (helpfully defined on urbandictionary.com as "The excess of your ballbag when it sticks to your inner leg on a hot day.")

What's new?

What's new is, according the the NYT, that there's now a slew of products that promise to take care of that specific condition, albeit in a coy and eupemistic way, all that at a time when makers of hygiene products for women are considering using the word "vagina" in their commercials.

Those new products for men have names like "Balla Powder" ("guaranteed to leave both your 'boyz' and body dry," according to their website), "Dry Down Friction Free Powder," "Man Powder" ("what baby powder wants to be when it grows up"), "Dry Goods" ("for those hard to reach places" -- eh?), or "Powder My Equipment," which sounds more like something a gymnast would use on the bars or rings.

There seems to be a market for these products (as well as for articles about them), but a dermatologist interviewed by the Times considers them quite superflous:
A dusting of plain old baking soda also combats both wetness and odor, said Dr. Altchek, who recommended that men who experience regular discomfort switch to more breathable all-cotton boxer shorts, take frequent but short showers and dry off thoroughly afterward. He cautioned against the overuse of powders, which may cause excessive dryness and also lead to skin irritation.

Dry goods? Dry damaged goods, more likely.

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