March 06, 2011

Keep "On Language" in the New York Times

Randy Cohen's Ethicist column gone, Frank Rich's column gone (almost), Ben Zimmer's weekly column On Language gone (after only one year).

On Language is finally coming to a close, at least in its current incarnation. For more than 30 of those years, it was the domain of the Language Maven (as Safire jauntily called himself), until his passing in September 2009. I’ve had the privilege of carrying on that legacy for the past year, but now it is time to bid adieu, after some 1,500 dispatches from the frontiers of language.
The first two decisions are head-scratchers, the third is just short-sighted and wrong. What's up with the New York Times? Do we really need more recipes for soup and less discussion of etymology, linguistic bias, language change?

If you'd like to see On Language kept in the NYT, you might want to join this group on Facebook and write the NYT editors in charge:
  • NYT Magazine letters to the editor:
  • NYT Magazine editor Hugo Lindgren:
  • NYT public editor Arthur Brisbane:

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