January 09, 2010

state of the union avoids collision with hydrogen bomb

The premiere of the final season of LOST is near (Feb. 2, 2010). And the show's ratings won't be spoiled by some guy giving some political speech at the same time on some other channel. Or, wait, was it the other way round?

The White House will not say when President Obama's State of the Union Address will be delivered. They did say, however, when it will not be: During the three-hour season premier [sic] of the final season of “Lost” on ABC, which airs on Feb. 2

Polar bears, hatches, hydrogen bombs, room 23, Locke 1 and Locke 2, white flashes, nose bleedings, Jacob and the man in black... in case you need a quick reminder of what happened previously, on Lost:

"The screen goes to white instead of black. Cool!"

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