February 09, 2007

getting ready for westminster

It's that time of the year again: Dog breeders and handlers across the country are getting ready to compete for the most prestigious "Best in Show" title.
On Monday and Tuesday, they'll compete in The 131st Westminster Kennel Club Show, the world's greatest dog show and the second longest continually held sporting event in America. This year, 2,500 purebred champions, including 42 from Wisconsin, go paw-to-paw in the race for "Best in Show" title at Madison Square Garden. Westminster expert David Frei again teams up with NBC "Today" anchor Lester Holt to bark out insights about everything from pekes to poodles.
The competition is all about dogs, but it's great fun to watch the handlers and the judges as well. Think long black skirts, colorful suits, and sequined sweaters. Asked about the somewhat impaired sense of fashion displayed in the ring, Westminster spokesman David Frei said:
It has to be functional; you have to be able to run. And then you throw in the glamour. You're not going to wear Nikes and you're not going to wear heels. So sometimes the outfits look a little off.
I'll be watching out for wizard handler Michelle Scott, nee Ostermiller, who wowed the audience with pointer Carlee's free stack two years ago.

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