November 23, 2006

between you and me

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel

-- that's the name of Heidi Klum's third child. Congratulations! I hope the boy will never have to embroider a Christmas stocking with all his names himself.
"He is healthy, beautiful and looks just like his mother," according to the post signed by Seal. In announcing the 8 lb. 11 oz. arrival, the new dad wrote, "To our children, a brother/ To our parents, a grandson/ To my wife and I, a son/ To our family, a blessing." [via]
Very sweet.

The small print: The syntactician in my cringes at the use of "I" after a preposition. Transitive verbs and prepositions assign accusative case in English. It's "I went to church" or "Harry and I went to church" (subject position) and "Harry sent the letter to me" or "Harry sent the letter to Sally and me" (object of preposition), never " Sally and I". It doesn't matter whether or not there is a coordinator.

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