July 20, 2006

another water dog

snapshot taken last sunday - a scottish dog (i believe this is a cairn terrier - they were first bread on the isle of skye) aboard a scottish paddle steamer (the "waverley") crusing along the coast of scotland. can't you just hear the accordion player play "step we gaily on we go"?

according to the oxford english dictionary, the cairn terrier is "said to be so named from being used to hunt among cairns", i.e. among piles of stones, but it sounds a bit ...folksy to me, especially considering that other scottish terriers are simply named after places, such as "scotch terrier" or "west highland terrier" (the cairn terrier used to be known as the "short-haired skye terrier", and why would one give up a name that evokes the beautiful isle of skye for one that focuses on a pile of stones?)


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that its hard to tell if this is a cairn or a west highland terrier.

Me and my family have had a cairn terrier for 15 years.
There not as popular as the west highland terriers but I guess thats what makes them special....why have the same dog as everyone else!

A wee cairn was used in the original wizard of oz and grey friars bobby was a cairn.....
There great wee dogs.....thought I would share it with you

stumblerette said...

thanks, emma. i feel better now. i'm not much of a terrier person (too much in love with floppy ears), and continue to be amazed at how many different terrier breeds there are.