December 07, 2005

quirky trumps golden

everything sells better with a dog. but what kind of dog? when it comes to making people spend money on christmas presents, quirky litte dogs seem to have pushed golden retriever puppies from the throne they occupied for so long.

exhibit a and b: recent catalogs from ebags and lands' end.

the trendsetter was "badger" (his real name was toby), the boston terrier in a prize-winning series of mastercard commercials, in which a dog lost by his family found his way back home, relying on the kindness of strangers on the way (paid for with mastercard, of course). "what is priceless? coming home after a long trip."

[come to think of it, the target dog, an english bull terrier, of course also belongs into this category of non-traditionally cute dogs and may actually have started the trend.]

however, if the wares you sell are not meant to evoke adjectives like "quirky" and "feisty", you'll lean towards a more dignified dog (especially if your male models look all gruffy). the borzoi, after all, "should always possess unmistakable elegance, with flowing lines, graceful in motion or repose".

still, i can't help but imagine how these people and the dog would look with antlers.

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