November 29, 2005

puggles and other mixed ideas

puggles - would that be pets that can't do magic? dogs that poke ("puggle - to clear out or stir up by poking", webster's unabridged dictionary) or cousins of schnoodles, labradoodles and cockapoos (the latter has actually made into webster's - still, i wonder why they are not called coodles)? in a letter to the new york times someone recounts his first puggle experience:

November 28, 2005,Metropolitan Diary [The New York Times]

Dear Diary

I'm at the Carl Schurz dog run with my pug. A young, very well-to-do looking woman walks by me with her dog, a breed that is unfamiliar to me. As she pulls out treats and special water, I ask her what type of dog it is. She gives me what seems like a patronizing look and says, "A puggle."

"A what?"

"A puggle. It's a cross between a pug and a beagle."

She then looks at my dog with what seems like disdain and says: "I used to have a pug, but they're just such awful dogs to maintain. That's why I switched."

Feeling a bit like we're discussing trade-ins on automobiles, I resume watching the dogs frolic.

Just then, an elderly woman walks by the dog run and stops. She looks at the puggle, pauses, and asks the first woman what kind of dog it is. The woman sighs, exasperated by this point, and says sharply: "A puggle. A cross between a pug and a beagle." The elderly woman thinks for a bit, then says, "Or, as we called them in my day, mutts."

She leaves, and only one of us isn't smiling.

David Toussaint
so, while some people like their dog to be a poodle and something, other people want their poodles to be something else. here's another story of a dog whose owner wishes that the dog be taken for something else, in this case, hold your breath, a great panda:
A dog in Japan with a new dye job pushes the 'mixed-breed' trend in the canine world to the limit. The poodle-Maltese cross was named "Columbo" by its owner features a black-and-white dye job fashioned after a panda bear. Columbo, who is naturally white, was dyed using a special hair dye for dogs that lasts about a month.The Panda Dog could join a long list of suddenly trendy "designer dogs," pooches bred from different breeds that can fetch $1,000 a piece.

if you're not that much into poodles, why get one in the first place? and if you prefer a mutt with a dignified breed name, forget all the -doodles, get a bassador, like brandy.

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