October 22, 2005

Canine Festive Events

so many horribly named CFEs, so little time. there's dogtoberfest (at the local brewery) and barktoberfest (at the local shelter), not to mention the spayghetti dinner (pawlicious!) at the humane society, and now there's howl-o-ween.

o.k., here's brandy dressed up as a xmas present.

[halloween, or hallow-e'en, as it is listed in the oed, is a shortened form of "all-hallow-even", i.e. the evening before "all hallows" or "all saints", also known as hallow-day. the oed adds:
In the Old Celtic calendar the year began on 1st November, so that the last evening of October was ‘old-year's night’, the night of all the witches, which the Church transformed into the Eve of All Saints.
spay comes from old french espeer "to cut with a sword". spaghetti is of course from italian and it is already marked for plural (the singular is spaghetto, "thin string, twine"). according to the oed, it was first used in an english cooking book in 1849.]

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