November 24, 2013

Selfie, revisited

So, Oxford Dictionaries opened the 2013 WOTY (Word of the Year) season. Their choice is "selfie," not exactly a new word, but a word that gained prominence in 2013 (which is why I wrote about it here, admittedly rather late in the game). They include this diagram:

The productivity of the word can also be seein in the innovations it undergoes. There's "helfie" (a picture of one's hair), not a word I was aware of, "welfie" (a picture of oneself working out), ditto, and "legsie," a picture of one's legs, really more of a cousin of "selfie." Other languages may borrow the concept, but not necessarily the word:

Other WOTY candidates were twerp (what about "twelfie?"), binge watch, and bitcoin. 

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