September 10, 2013

Dogs of summer

So the Cambridges released new pictures of Prince George (a.k.a. "the little rascal," a noun related to the French word for 'common people,' "racaille") -- but the real star of the picture is Lupo, their dog.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle (from the verb "fuffle," 'to disorder') about the pictures being taken by the Prince's grandfather, Michael Middleton, who clearly is not a professional photographer. Eddie Mulholland, vice chairman of the British Press Photographers Association found that
they are lovely snaps for a grandfather to have taken, but in terms of the quality, they are not really what you want for such a historic picture. [...] The photograph with the dogs is the worst. One of the dogs in the corner looks like a furry rug, and part of the Duke’s head is wiped out by a patch of light coming through the trees. To get over that you would just have had to move the subjects until they were completely in the shade.
You mean like this?

Meanwhile, some miles further west, the Obamas introduce Sunny, their new family dog. And the press corps is smitten (participle of the verb "smite," 'to throw'). Justly so!

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