June 14, 2013

Poop alert via GPS

Did you ever hire a dog walker and wonder if he or she actually walked your dog? From the Times' City Room Blog

File it under Things It Never Occurred to You to Worry About if you like. But in 2003 New York magazine article about misbehaving dog walkers, a stockbroker named Joanne told how, made suspicious by her cocker spaniel’s desperate need for relief when Joanne arrived home from work, she draped the dog’s leash just so on the banister before leaving for work to see if it got moved. It didn’t. (Her neighbors who used the same walker, she said, set up a nanny cam and caught him entering the apartment, grabbing his money, and walking out without touching their dog.)

Well, with Swifto, a new, GPS-equipped dog-walking company in New York, you can "see the exact route, miles, and duration of the walk," including poop alerts, "a little white-on-brown icon of a squatting dog with, yes, a small pile beneath its tail, superimposed on a map of the walk fed by GPS data from the walker’s phone and updated every few seconds".

Comme ça.

What a relief.

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