June 12, 2013


Gwyneth Paltrow said it on Glee and now Usher and Adam Levine used the word to describe a performance by Danielle Bradberry on "The Voice." According to Urban Dictionary, the term has been made popular by blogger Perez Hilton, but in this article on Slate.com links it to fashion blogger Elizabeth Spiridakis, who, in an interview, said that she and her friends went through a phase where they put -balls on almost any adjective (tiballs for 'tired,' exhaustballs for 'exhausted,' you get the idea) and then Spiridakis put that on her blog. To say the least, it's not exactly perceived as a cool word. Perhaps its use by Usher and Levine will change the perception of the word as a "verbal irritant" and one of the worst words of the year in 2012:

You think it’s irritating that people overuse the word amazing, particularly when they pronounce it ah-mah-zing. But amazeballs makes you want to commit violence against your own eardrums. For realballs.

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