March 29, 2013

"Let's start with you, Miss Elise"

If you are on Facebook and have a thing for science-related topics, you will not doubt have come across the page "I fucking love science," which has over 4 million fans. Last week, the biggest news item on the page was not about neuroscience, microbes, or strange-looking bugs, it was the identify of the creator of the page:  Elise Andrew posted a picture of herself, linking to her Twitter profile, and, yes, she's a woman. (This wasn't exactly a secret, but so far, she had never posted a picture of herself on the IFLS Facebook page.)

Suddenly, all hell broke loose. Andrew: "EVERY COMMENT on that thread is how shocking it is that I'm a woman! Is this really 2013?"

I also wondered if this is really 2013 when I listened to Gayle King interviewing Andrew on CBS: "Let's start with you, Miss Elise." Yes, ma'm.

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