July 28, 2012

Olympic Games Declared Open! Woof!

The most surprising part of the Olympic Games opening ceremony was probably a video clip (directed by Daniel Boyle) that showed Queen Elizabeth's sense of humor. Actor Daniel Craig alias James Bond arrives at Buckingham Palace, marches to the Queen's room (royal corgis at his feet), is welcomed with the words "Good Evening, Mr. Bond," and gallantly escorts Her Majesty to the opening ceremony (the video suggests that they both arrive in and jump out of a helicopter). Stealing the show: The Queen's corgis, happily romping down the palace stairs (and, may I say it, not exactly looking super trim).

After such an unexpected beginning, the Queen's actual opening of the ceremony was a bit of a letdown: "I declare open the games of London, celebrating the 30th Olympiad of the modern era," she read from a sheet. No corgis were present.

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