August 22, 2011

Preposition stranding, yet again

Ending one's sentences on a preposition (also known as 'preposition stranding') is about as cool as paying one's utility bill on time. What's really, really uncool is commenting on how ending a sentence on a preposition demonstrates one's streak of irreverence. Yes, I'm talking to you, NYT writer Neil Genzlinger (and to you, unknown copy writer for Trader Joe's).
They give us time to get ready for the transaction ahead. Ms. Clueless shirked her preparatory responsibilities and instead made me late for work, bursting the pleasant Cookies and Kreme bubble I had surrounded myself with. Yes, that’s another sentence that ends in a preposition. So fine me.
Don't worry, buddy, nobody's going to fine you for using Standard English. Ending a sentence on a preposition is not worth commenting on.

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