December 14, 2010

What's on your Kindle?

When a friend recently asked me about the advantages of reading books on a Kindle, I jokingly said that you could read trashy novels in public (think 'subway') and nobody would know about it. Turns out that that is exactly what people are doing:
If the e-reader is the digital equivalent of the brown-paper wrapper, the romance reader is a little like the Asian carp: insatiable and unstoppable. Together, it turns out, they are a perfect couple. Romance is now the fastest-growing segment of the e-reading market, ahead of general fiction, mystery and science fiction, according to data from Bowker, a research organization for the publishing industry.
Some people, apparently, enjoy hiding their books from a rather specific audience:
“We’ve had lots of customers write to us and say, ‘Now I don’t always have to show my husband what I’m reading.’ ”
Bye-bye, Fabio.

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