November 19, 2010

Please get your dog microchipped!

Have you heard of Target, an Afghan stray dog that prevented a bomb attach on American military barracks in Feburary? He was flown to the USA, adopted by a military family, taught to live in  a house and be well-fed, and even had an appearance on Oprah.

Last Friday, Target was killed. At a dog shelter in Arizona. Not really accustomed to the life of a city dog, Target had escaped through her doggie door. She reported to Animal Control, was picked up and sent to a local shelter. Because Target had no microchip, she could not be identified, so her picture was put on the shelter's website, and her owner immediately registered and paid the fee to pick her up. When he arrived at the shelter, Target had already been put to sleep. A mistake, sure enough, but it would not have happened, if the dog had been microchipped.

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