October 28, 2010

"I want to see you wear that polka dot dress, Klum!"

Whoa, Garcia and Klum are on last-name basis in this season's finale of Project Runway. They talk about what's wearable and what's sellable and it all ends with the sentence nobody wanted to hear: "Sorry, Mondo, that means you're out." Guest judge Jessica Simpson liked Mondo's collection best, especially the infamous polka dot dress, but she kindly assures winner Gretchen Jones that her sister (Ashlee Simpson) will "rock [Jones's clothes] impeccably."

What to say? Tim Gunn, not known for being stumped for words (see my ABC of Tim Gunn-isms for details), said this: "Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow."

Rock on. Impeccably.

Edited to add: Heidi Klum was true to her word. She wore a modified (but still recognizable) version of Mondo's polka dot dress at a red-carpet event. Pictures here. Take that, NinaGarciaFormerFashionEditorForElleMagazine!

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