October 07, 2010

"I like it on..."

My friend Gen likes it on the barstool. My friend Jasmine likes it in the car.
Have you seen status updates like these on facebook today? Have they made you scratch your head? All those women who normally just post about their children's sandbox activities are now talking about - OMG!- sex? For an explanation, go to this link.
Titillating the Facebook newsfeeds today, women are posting where they like to keep their purses when they come home, but they conveniently leave out the word "purse." [...] The trend follows the January Internet meme in which women posted the color of their bra as their Facebook status. Both are to raise awareness of breast cancer. 
O.k., I'm now even more baffled than before. Juvenile jokes about liking it  on the barstool help raise the awareness of breast cancer exactly how? Let me be an old bore and just link to the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website.

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