May 07, 2010

revisiting selective aphasia on LOST

Recently, I discussed Sun Kwon's selective aphasia on LOST. It was caused by an encounter with Fake Locke, and it disappeared when she was reunited with her husband Jin. So far, so good. I remarked, though, that it seemed rather awkward that everybody's favorite Korean couple should be talking to each other in English at such an emotional point. One week later, let me put my doubts into perspective: If you talk to each other in your second language, while you're dying, it's not completely unreasoable that you talk to each other in your second language while you're experiencing a great moment of joy. (Which is to say, both scenes didn't make sense, just as the whole selective aphasia theme didn't make sense.)

R.I.P., Mr. and Ms. Kwon. And you too, Mr. Not-a-zombie-after-all, Sayid Jarrah.

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