December 31, 2009

toasting to a blue moon

New Year's Eve is always special, even more so on a full moon night. And once in a while, New Year's Eve falls on a "blue moon."
Yf they say the mone [moon] is belewe [blue]
We must believe that it is true. [1528]
Read more about the origin of the phrase blue moon on Wikipedia. Today, we define a "blue moon" as the second full moon in a calender month, but this hasn't always been so. According to this article in Sky and Telescope [via Wikipedia] a blue moon used to be the third moon in a season of four moons where only three would normally occur. The phrase once in a blue moon is first documented in the 19th century, but it has its origin in the phrase "once in a moon," whose first occurrence is dated at 1547 by the Oxford English Dictionary ("madnesse that doth infest a man ones in a mone").

Enjoy the moon, grab a drink of your choice and toast to a happy new year.

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