November 25, 2009

sit. grow. learn.

For days now, this article on applying Cesar Milan's dog whispering techniques to children has been the most popular article on the NYT website.

“When we started watching his shows, we had intended to apply his advice toward our dogs,” said Amy Twomey, [...] who is raising three children under 10 with her husband, Matt. “But we realized a lot of ideas can be used on our kids.” Indeed, Mr. Millan’s advice has replaced a shelf full of books on how to tame an unruly child. “It’s all the same simple concept: how to be the pack leader in your own house,” she said.

I suppose if you live in a house in which the word ‘no’ is considered harmful, it is perhaps useful to learn that setting limits is not always a bad thing. Just why one would have to learn that lesson from watching someone train dogs escapes me.

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