August 27, 2009

of chic and chicken

Earth to Malvin: The words "chic" and "chicken" are not actually related. Hence, when asked to create a flattering, chic look of any kind for a beautiful pregnant woman, a "mother hen" suit with "chicken thighs" (the original design included jodhpurs) is not the way to go.

That's all.

Edited to add: Blogging Project Runway linked to a hilarious interview with Ari Fish, the person whose design was eliminated last week. Asked what made her try out for the show she said that Lifetime had urged her to apply and that she did it "as a sort of performance" and then "it spiraled so far out of control that I went to be a contestant on the show." I guess that's what the fox meant, too, when he said that the grapes were sour.

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