August 19, 2009

beefy bobama

President Obama is expected to arrive on Martha's Vineyard on August 23. Retailers are offering Obamaritas, Hawaiian muffins, and a beer named "Ale to the Chief." But that is not all.

Retailers are even taking advantage of the first dog, Bo. Good Dog Goods is selling a “Bobama” T-shirt for $18, with a picture of a Portuguese water dog on the front and the slogan “The New Dog in Town” on the back. Kerry Scott, the store’s owner, is organizing the island’s first dog parade in honor of Bo. And he is also getting his own snack: a Beefy Bobama Dog Treat from Vin-Yips, a dog treat company.

“It’s a very dog-friendly island,” Ms. Gardella said.
And pun-friendly, if I may add.

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