January 17, 2009

Word of the Year #2

So, rather disappointingly, bailout made the race. Some of the more interesting words that also received recognition:

Winner in the category "most creative" (and my favorite):
  • recombobulation area: An area at Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee in which passengers that have just passed through security screening can get their clothes and belongings back in order.

Winner in the category most outrageous:
  • terrorist fist jab: A knuckle-to-knuckle fist bump, or “dap,” traditionally performed between two black people as a sign of friendship, celebration or agreement. It was called the “terrorist fist jab” by the newscaster E. D. Hill, formerly of Fox News [don't forget to mention whose fists she was talking about!]

  • body-snarking: Posting pictures and commenting negatively on the bodies of the people in them. [I don't quite see why the word is outrageous, it seems rather appropriate to me]
  • fish pedicure: A cosmetic procedure in which fish eat the dead skin off the feet. [ditto]

  • baby mama: From a man’s point of view, a woman to whom he is not married and who is the mother of his child. [ditto; additionally, one wonders whey there is no reference to the movie Baby Mama, in which the word refers to a surrogacy pregnancy initiated by an unmarried business woman]
Winner in the category "most likely to succeed":
  • shovel-ready: Used to describe infrastructure projects that can be started quickly when funds become available.
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