January 03, 2009

videos (and words?) of the year

Salon.com presents "The year in viral video" -- thereby not only giving me an opportunity to mention the Shiba Inu puppy sensation, but also to point to another candidate for Word of the Year.

As the offline world began to stumble, and layoffs, stock market crashes and economic crises dominated the news, we found hope in a basket full of puppies. Ustream.tv made 2008 a milestone year for user-generated live video. Puppies, live! We (and everyone else) obsessed over the baby Shiba Inus as they cuddled, snored, woke up and cuddled some more. The original litter is growing up, and most of the puppies have been sold to new owners, but the frenzy prompted more puppy cams. ... Below is a compilation video of classic Shiba Inu puppy cam moments.

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