January 22, 2009

Democracy is brilliant!

I'm too late to the party to post about the "Oaf of Office" flub. Or about the Instant the Earth Stood Still. Or to give my opinion on the the dress. So let me give my opinion on some other design efforts. Many advertisement in the New York Times alluded to the Inauguration, some more tasteful and inventive than others.

An A goes to Tiffany. The ad is classy, non-partisan, with minimal text and an image that actually relates to the products Tiffany sells.

An AB goes to Pepsi -- the ad is great, if a little hopey-dopey, but the borrowing of the Obama logo is a bit too much.

A B for effort goes to Wrigley.

Movado doesn't really make an effort to forge a connection between text and image.

Which is still better than J&R's attempt at being all Woodstocky.

A failing grade goes to the self-centered ad by Audi.

And an F also goes to J. Crew. For this:
If you present yourself as a chic-yet-affordable brand, you better ensure that the products that get you worldwide exposure and demand are actually for purchase.

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