November 29, 2008

yay for beagles

The winner of the Westminster Kennel Club Show always gains at least 15 minutes of fame and becomes an ambassador for his breed. What happens if the winner belongs to a most beloved breed already? This:
Nine months into his reign as the first beagle to win the Westminster Kennel Club Show, 3-year-old Uno is not fading away. He is the show’s busiest-ever Best in Show titlist. He was the first one to be celebrated as a champion by President Bush in the White House Rose Garden last May and still wears the red, white and blue collar that Laura Bush gave him....Now, the world-famous dog show ace is preparing for another first for a Westminster winner: on Thursday, he will be aboard the “Peanuts” float, a rendition of Snoopy’s doghouse, at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (more here/NYT)
And here's a picture of Uno on the day of the parade.

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