August 20, 2008

Comeon, Schatz, let's go!

At last: an original challenge! Make an outfit for a drag queen. Go sparkle! (If only this season's designers were a sparklier group -- can you imagine how much fun the guys of season 2 would have had with this challenge?) The word drag, in the meaning "feminine attire worn by a man has been around for a while. The OED gives an example from 1870 ("We shall come in drag").

In good PR tradition, the guy who made the pink pant outfit won, and the guy who said he "doesn't worry at all" about Tim's critique, Daniel, he of the impeccable taste, is out. The word "impeccable" comes from Latin "im-" ("un-") and "peccare" ("to sin"). Something that is impeccable is something that does not have the quality to sin.

And in between? Keith produced a "sad chicken" (MK) outfit in black and white. It looked as if an ostrich had gotten into a shredder. Katto's "look of fire" (right) was deemed creative and innovative and flattering, although, personally, I didn't care too much for its unibreast, nor did I think the "flames" on the left shoulder were all that fiery. Blayne aimed at "draglicous" but only achieved "barflicious" (bravo, Leanne), and Terri's "Super Samurai" impressed all of the judges (even if the strongest components of the look were the makeup and the boots).

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