July 30, 2008

Why, hollow to me, and I will answere thee.

Since I can't get excited about the fashion or the designers of Season 5 of Project Runway (I hated this week's shrill winning design and couldn't help thinking that this was what Blanche Devereaux -- not exactly your typical New York City girl -- would wear if she were younger and slimmer), I'll just briefly say that I hope that "Holla at your boy" will not become a new Tim Gunnism.

It suits him about as well as a polyester sweat suit. Look for yourself! It also seems that TG didn't really get the meaning of this idiom from Afro-American English. Therefore, let me renew my plea: No worn-out sock metaphors, please, no hot, messy Sirianoisms, and no excursions into Jay-Z territory, please. Just give us good old Latinate multisyllabic Tim Gunnisms, please.

The quote in the post title is from 1599.

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