February 07, 2008

you wanna run for president? we're gonna get a dog!

The Obama family doesn't have a dog. Yet. Here's Michelle Obama on her two daughters using a dog as a bargaining chip.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney suspends his campaign. Voters just didn't connect with him. I guess they're not into "emotion-free crisis management," especially when it comes to dogs.

ETA on Feb. 9: Gail Collins's column in the Times says it all: The Revenge of Seamus. It ends with this paragraph:

And what will we remember about Mitt? His perfect grooming? His granola addiction? The day he equated his son’s campaign work in the Mittmobile to military service? That YouTube tape of him being asked to name his worst fault and telling a story about going to the hospital every Saturday to read to the sick children? All I know is somewhere in doggie heaven, an Irish setter is laughing.

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