February 07, 2008

lively climate

What would you consider a lively weather climate?


When would you cancel classes due to inclement weather? After all schools have closed? After other college campuses in the area have closed? After buses have stopped running, snow plows have got stuck? After clinics, malls, banks have closed? After the city has declared a snow emergency and the most severe snowfall in more than 25 years?After the Governor has called the National Guard to assist hundreds of stranded motorists? Ah, comeon, don't be a wimp, not in Wisconsin:

“It is the general policy of the university that, whenever possible to stay open, the university will try to do so,” Lucas [Univ. of Wisconsin spokesperson] said. “We get that people aren’t going to be thrilled with it, but we live in Wisconsin and it’s a lively weather climate. It’s extremely rare this place will ever be closed.”

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