January 14, 2008

fly me to the moon

Is -moon becoming a suffix (with the meaning of "getaway for couples/families")? This article in the New York Times about hotels that cater to parents with newborns, parents-to-be, and couples who are trying to conceive certainly seems to suggest it:

There are “procreation vacation” packages for couples who need to relax and get away in order to get busy. “Babymoons” — romantic getaways for couples in the last weeks of a pregnancy — are offered by an inn in Westbrook, Conn. Guests can relax with a “delectable cravings” basket, along with nonalcoholic cider for her and chilled Champagne or wine for him. And a New York company, Sparty, provides spa parties including baby showers with pedicures for the guest of honor, who might be having trouble reaching her toes.

A 2006 survey on BabyCenter.com, a Web site for new parents, showed that three quarters of 1,052 participants had taken “conceptionmoons,” or baby-making junkets, and 40 percent of those had been successful. The unscientific survey found Las Vegas was the most popular destination. (So, what happens in Vegas sometimes comes home with you and wants to borrow the car years later.)

Dr. David Adamson, president of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, said vacations can help couples who are trying to conceive, if the trips help them relieve stress, communicate better and reconnect.

“There’s no evidence that by going away it somehow intrinsically increases pregnancy rates,” Dr. Adamson said. But, he added, “If it increases the frequency of intercourse, then it’s probably helpful.” [...]

Kyle McCarthy, the editor at familytravelforum.com in New York, a resource for traveling parents and families, has seen marketing pushes for sequels to the conceptionmoon and babymoon, including “familymoons,” where newly blended families take all the stepchildren and half-siblings on vacation.

Ms. McCarthy was a little wary of vacations specifically designed for spawning: “Can you imagine a cruise ship where everyone around you is trying to conceive?” she said.

I'd rather not.

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