November 30, 2007

let's get going. chop, chop!

Oh, what a boring episode. Chop, chop!

It's a good thing they don't normally do menswear on Project Runway, even if "pants are just 2 big sleeves sewn together" (Chris). How can you discuss design when there's not a single garment on the runway that actually fits ("The crotch looks insane")? When most looks are unfinished or poorly executed, including the winning design (which only had two pieces, but three were originally required)? Say it with Nina Garcia: "This is unacceptable!"
See the evidence here.

It worries me.

Also, we just had a celebrity client, and an excellent one at that. We don't need another one, and certainly we don't need a not-so-eloquent wife spoiling the make-it-work walkthrough with Tim Gunn, who was "worried" when he saw the number of unfinished outfits. Carmen was determined to get her models measurements "to a T" (an expression that dates back to the 17th century but whose exact origin is unknown, although it seems to be related to the earlier expression "to a tittle"), and she might have, but what she did with them was deplorable. There's draping by design and then there's draping by disaster. Not chic.

What also worries me is that Tim Gunn in this week's episode of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style admitted to having just learned a new word from his client, a curvaceous woman of color: booty. Tim, what planet are you from? The word has already made it into Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, and bootylicious is even in the Oxford English Dictionary.

On the wishlist for next week:
  • a challenge that gives the contestants the chance to show off their talent and creativity
  • no gratuitous shots of half-naked contestants informing us that they are HIV positive
  • no men in funny hats informing us that they are straight, straight, straight
  • no celebrity wives that mess with Tim Gunn's airtime in the work room
  • and more airtime for Elysian Elisa (you know, the 42 year old artist who has to avert her eyes when a male model takes off his pants -- she may hand-measure female models, but her boyfriend is the only male she chooses to touch)

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