November 01, 2007

dog town usa 2007

How could this have escaped me? San Diego is Dog Town USA 2007. And not just because of the beaches:

The community stands behind its four-legged friends. Annually, nearly $25 million is donated to the six local animal shelters in the area. “To me, that says, ‘Wow! This city is a great place to be a dog,’"

To me, if you're a dog, a shelter is not where you want to be. And it seems that in San Diego, you don't have to stay long:

San Diego’s combined animal shelter rates are enviable, with more than 80 percent of all impounded dogs adopted, rescued, or reunited with owners. At the humane society, adoption rates are a staggering 90.5 percent.
Another great thing:
San Diego is also the home of the AniMeals program which provides free pet food for homebound elderly and disabled owners. Started in 1984 by the Helen Woodward Animal Center, there are now more than 35 groups in the United States operating programs patterned after San Diego’s AniMeals.

But let's also mention one particular runner-up:

Madison, Wis.
Dogs: 10,250
People: 221,551
Highlights: The University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, the popular Dog Fest event, the Bark & Wine benefit aiding homeless animals, many dog-friendly parks, including four off-leash ones, and a focus on holistic and alternative veterinary care.

“The Madison area has something for every dog. From our numerous dog parks to our lakes to the world-class veterinary care at the University of Wisconsin, Madison is a great place to be a dog — or a dog owner.”
— Dave Cieslewicz, Mayor

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