October 23, 2007

wrong, wrong, oh, so wrong

Let's say you want to check out the holiday collections by Mac, Estee Lauder, and the like. So you go to saks.com and click on "Beauty" and "What's new?"

What do you see? This:

Juicy Crittoure? You must be joking!
Dog Grooming? On a beauty website of a major department store?

This is wrong on so many levels. The name! The placement! The products ("Softening Paw Balm Pawtection", "Coif Fur Conditioner", "Juicy Couture Pawfum", "Paw Polish Remover Pads")! The prices! May I suggest that if you love your dog, you spend time with him, play with him, feed him healthy food, keep him healthy -- and make a donation to an animal shelter or some other good cause.

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