June 11, 2007

dogs at the farmers' market

Only service dogs are allowed at the Farmers' Market. But if your dog is small enough, you can smuggle him in. I don't think anybody complained about this dachshund puppy.

Some doggies, however, are too big to be smuggled. What kind of dog is this? A giant schnauzer with uncropped ears? The poor guy looked as if he was really hot.

This dog was too big and too vocal to be smuggled. Children wanted to pet him, he got all excited and barked incessantly, so his owner had to leave the market square.

And, finally, some doggies turn out not to be doggies at all. When I saw this little furry ball on the lawn, being petted by a bunch of children, I was sure it was a puppy. Well, it turned out to be a kitten (on a leash).

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