May 22, 2007

little chubby trippy tulip

The New York Times recently had an article on the growing popularity of small dogs:
For having stated my fondness for medium to large dogs and criticized breeding practices that have produced unhealthy mutants, especially among toy breeds, I have been both praised and pilloried. Large dog owners see me as an ally in the battle against the “toys” — eentsy, primped and preened, frivolous creatures that tremble and yap. But to partisans of small dogs — an aggressive breed of human who defend their favorites against every slight, real and imagined — I am a “canine sizeist.”

Nonetheless, I embrace the changing dog demographics. [...] As long as they are free of debilitating genetic defects, small dogs retain the spirit and behavior of, well, the dog. They retrieve, fight, bite, run, hunt and play within their physical and psychological abilities.

Small dogs may seem more convenient, but they can also be hazardous. Why, they may even jeopardize the finale of American Idol! Ask Paula Abdul:
Paula Abdul broke her nose over the weekend after she fell while trying to avoid stepping on her Chihuahua, her publicist said Monday.

"I took a nasty fall ... trying not to hurt my dog. I bruised myself on my arm ... my chest, my waist all the way down to my hip. All from my little chubby Tulip," Abdul said.

In case you're wondering: The dog was not hurt.

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