March 28, 2007

from pluto to american idol

Most people know what it means to get plutoed, but do you know what Ryan Seacrest referred to when he said "I've been Sanjayad"? If you do, you must be watching American Idol. On the show, one contestant, Sanjaya Malakar, is best known for his hairstyles, which are as outrageous as his performances are bland. On Tuesday, he showed up in a "pony hawk", a fake mohawk* (our "fauxhawk"**), consisting of 7 mini-ponytails. The judges were flabbergasted.

Well, it seems to have worked. He wasn't voted off the show. And for tonight's result show, Ryan Seacrest got "Sanjayad" and put on a faux pony hawk (would that be a faux-po-hawk?) wig.
*Mohawk is of course a word of Native American origin. The OED lists the Narragansett word mohowawog as its origin. Its literal meaning ? Cannibals.
** Fauxhawk (a blending of "faux" -- French for "false" -- and "Mohawk") hasn't made it into the OED yet (unlike the now obsolete "faux-prude", "a man simulating prudishness")

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