February 13, 2007

springer spaniel is best in show

The finale! There they are: the 7 group winners. But before they enter, the announcer asks for a round of applause for people who donated to the Pedigree adoption drive. Over the last week, more than $ 1,000,000 were raised. The money goes to the American Humane Association.
  • Herding group: Bouvier (great dog! rambunctious!)
  • Terrier group: Dandie Dinmont Terrier
  • Hounds: PBGV (what a happy dog!)
  • Toy group: Toy Poodle
  • Non-sporting group: Standard Poodle
  • Sporting group: English Springer Spaniel (beautiful floppy ears!)
  • Working group: Akita
We're for dogs, alright, but we're a little more for hounds and sporting dogs in this house, after all, we share it with a Bassador.

The judge, Dr. Robert Indeglia, hasn't watched any of the competition so far. Well, it's not as if he has never seen any of these dogs before. He's checking on the bouvier, while the dog's handler distracts the dog with treats. Next up is the standard poodle. No treats here. From glamour to working dog: Here's the akita, accompanied by a handler in a black evening ensemble (with sequined top, of course), an odd pair. Here's the springer spaniel. The handler (sequined evening ensemble in brown) wraps the dog's ears around his mouth. Is that to show off the ears' length? Ah, the PBGV, what a happy little guy (or is it a girl?), I think she's my favorite. It's good to see that even these great show dogs are still food-motivated. Next up is the toy poodle. As they said at the end of each episode of House, "That's some bad hair, Harry". What would he look like if he weren't groomed in such a silly way? His head looks like a Roman soldier's helmet. The Dandie Dinmont has already received a lot of attention because of his celebrity connection. Now he gets the judge's attention. What's up with his ear? Hm, I guess I just don't get the look of that breed.

Everyone is taking one more run. The PBGV's tail wags. The spaniel's ears flop. The handlers' sequined blouses twinkle. The poodle's hair doesn't move an inch.

The judge has made up his mind. Who's going to win? "It was truly an honor to judge these beautiful dogs". And without further ado, the purple-and-yellow ribbon goes to James, the springer spaniel! Yes! A sporting dog! With floppy ears! And he's a certified therapy dog, too. He has won many competitions already, this is his last big show. Go James!

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