January 02, 2007

rhymes with tivo

I understand that there are Rachael Ray lovers and Rachael Ray haters. Moi, I'm more of a Rachael Who? kind of person. But it seems that she her consistent use of certain marker words has earned her a spot on the Oxford American College Dictionary:
Erin McKean, Editor-in-Chief of American Dictionaries, appeared on the Rachael Ray show last week to present a Certificate of Recognition to Rachael. Why? Because they are putting EVOO into the next edition of the Oxford American College Dictionary. McKean said that the addition of "EVOO" was caused by Rachael's use of the word.

McKean says that "this hardly ever happens" and that "it's easier to win the lottery" than to get a word added to the dictionary. The word has to be useful to people and be a word that people like to use. She also said that simply being a fabulous celebrity isn't enough. In more than half the times that the word EVOO is used, the word Rachael is also there.

During the segment, Rachael Ray also previewed her "grocery store" EVOO from Colavita and gave one to everyone in the audience. You can read more about the addition of EVOO to the dictionary on the talk show's website here.

[from a Pro-Rachael blog ]
Oh, in case you were wondering: EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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