December 05, 2006

choosing the perfect dog collar

Stylish dog collars make great Christmas presents. For dog owners, that is, not for the dog. The dog couldn't care less. If your taste is for well-made, colorful collars that you won't find at your local pet store, Barker & Mewosky in Chicago is the place to turn to.

There's the earthy Barkgello collar, for example, for the outdoorsy, artisan-jewelry wearing friend from Boulder, CO:
Or the upbeat mod dots collar, for the metro-dog of a sophisticated co-chocoholic:

Or the preppy Ties collar, for celebrating Christmas with the in-laws in Maine:

They also have a holiday collar that's not too cutesy-wootsy. Have the dog wear the Kringle when you watch Fargo for the tenth time.

And if your dog-owning friend is a winter hater, you might get them the Tiergarten collar, named after Berlin's zoo:

My favorite collars are still the hemp collars made by Earth Dog. Planet Dog offers a nice winter version of the hemp collar, all lined in fleece. My collar of choice for the winter season.

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