October 13, 2006


so this was supposed to be the episode in which tim gunn would climb into the red saturn roadster to visit the remaining contestants in their hometown and in which we would get first glimpses of everybody's collections for olympus fashion week. however, in reality this turned out to be the episode that will be remembered for a cliffhangerish* use of the adverb "unfortunately".

but first things first. yes, tim gunn did climb into the saturn roadster and we saw some warm and cozy moments, with
children presenting turtle poop and tim gunn basking his untanned feet in the miami sun. yes, we did see glimpses of everyone's collection, but since detailed views of the collections have been available for weeks all over the internet, there were no big surprises.

as far as the clothes went, tim gunn was slightly underwhelmed. he missed uli's prints in her "tropical safari"** collection, wasn't keen on the "bling happening" in michael's collection and dismissed one of laura's outfits (see the picture on the left) as a "chartreuse*** popsicle****". the popsicle didn't make it to bryant park, but the belt did. at least we now know where that awkward greenish belt that camilla wore with her sparkly grey dress came from, it was a popsibelt!

tim gunn did not dismiss all things green, though. he was "in awe" of some of the details of jeffrey's designs, in particular his silhouette-accentuating placement of zippers. jeffrey had, as they say, pulled a santino, i.e. he had come up with a collection that was a lot more aesthetically pleasing than most of his pieces on the show. there were fresh dresses with polka-dots and candy-stripes, as well as some slim pants ensembles. here's a close-up of the candy-striped**** dress worn by marilinda at olympus fashion show. i must say i had not been aware that what looked like boring gold piping was actually a zipper. clever!

when laura bennet saw jeffrey's designs, she thought that their execution in general just seemed a wee bit too clever and she figured that he may have had help with the sewing. things were not well in the state of new york.

so laura talked to jeffrey, right? no, she talked to tim gunn first. (at least that's how it was portrayed.)
so then tim talked to jeffrey, right? no, he confronted jeffrey with the accusation in front of the whole group. (at least that's how it was portrayed.)
so jeffrey got really angry, right? no, he seemed more stunned than angry. (at least that's...)
so that's how the episode ended? no, we got to see tim gunn confronting the group again beginning a statement with "unfortunately..." and then we saw a shot of jeffrey collapsing in uli's arms. aah, those editors! (i don't believe for a minute that jeffrey would have been allowed to show his collection at bryant park if there had been proof of his having relied on someone else's mad skillz
. roadster, shmoadster -- showing at fashion week is the real prize in this competition, especially for someone who has already established a label, and we all know that jeffrey did show his collection.)

once the episode was over some serious ugly took place on pr-related discussion boards. people called each other names for calling laura or jeffrey names and hundreds of comments were made in a few hours. it shows you the power of a little adverb. and of clever editing.

anyway, let me end on a positive note, i.e. with two nice words i was fortunate to pick up on blogging project runway.
It's really hard to hold my cybertongue and not SCREAM at people sometimes, but that's not what we are here for. Anyway-you guys are great and we appreciate you. (praddicted)

we expect that the traffic will dramatically drop after next week and we look forward to chatting with all of you again by the blogside fire. (Tbone, BPR)

the rest -- is silence.

* "cliff-hanger" was first recorded in the 1930s. a more recent creation is the backformation "to cliff-hang" [oed]

** "safari" is the swahili word for "journey". [oed]

***"chartreuse" is the feminine form of the french adjective "chartreux", which means "
‘from the Catursiani montes, or from ... Chatrousse, a village in Dauphiné, near which their first monastery was founded". the name for a color is related to the name of a liquor made of herbs and brandy by the monks of the head monastery of the carthusians . [oed]

****"popsicle" is a proprietary name in the u.s. it was trade-marked in 1923. in 1977, on the occasion of vladimir nabokov's death, time magazine wrote "in nature, beauty is the beast...the delectable nymphet lolita has a cruel, popsicle heart" [oed, time.com]

would you have guessed that "candy cane" has been added to the oxford english dictionary only this year?


Elizabeth said...

Shocking news about candy cane. Shocking! Thanks for you delightful, and insightful, recap.

riddiculus said...

thanks, elizabeth. i was also shocked!

on another note, BPR pointed out that i invented a new word in this blog entry (shmoadster). i thought i should add that there's a fancy linguistic name for this kind of word play and that it is the object of serious linguistic inquiry: it's called